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Fire Standards and Specifications

  1. Fire Alarm System - requirements for installation of a fire alarm system.
  2. Fire Department Connection - requirements for proper location of Fire Department connections.
  3. Fire Hydrants - requirements for location of fire hydrants.
  4. Fire Extinguishers - requirements for installation and location of fire extinguishers for commercial occupancies.
  5. Fire Lane - requirements for location and dimensions of fire lanes.
  6. Access Gates - Fire Department requirements for access gates.
  7. Knox Key Box - Fire Department requirements for key boxes for access to commercial properties.
  8. Fire Sprinkler - Requirements stating when fire sprinklers are required and how they are to be installed and monitored.
  9. Vehicle Impact Protection - Requirements for proper installation of vehicle impact protection for fire hydrants, Fire Department connections, flammable/combustible liquid tanks, and other equipment needing protection from vehicular damage.
  10. A list of required Fire Department permits.
  11. Plan Review Submittal - Fire Requirements.
  12. 2009 Fire Code Amendments
  13. Fire Underground Plan Submittal

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