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Progress Reports

Please see ARRA and North Central Texas Council of Governments reports below.

Senate Bill 898 (Formerly Senate Bill 12)

Annually Garland voluntarily provides the State Energy and Conservation Office with an electronically submitted report that details progress being made to reduce electrical consumption in city owned facilities by 5 % per year over a ten year period.

House Bill 3693

Garland has complied with the requirements of House Bill 3693 (Government Code § 2264.001(b)) by compiling and posting the following annual utility information:

  1. The total metered amount of electricity, water, and natural gas consumed by the city government for its services and the total amount paid for electricity, water, and natural gas.
  2. In respect to House Bill 3693 the total annual cost paid for the three utility services are posted as one figure.
Electric 86,466,783 kilowatt hours (kWh)
Natural Gas 27,980 thousand cubic feet (MCF)
Water 287,976,400 gallons of water
Aggregate Cost $5,407,895.36

North Central Texas Council of Governments

NCTOG July 2011(182.4 KB)
NCTOG June 2011(167.2 KB)
NCTOG May 2011(141.4 KB)