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Project Schedule


Project Schedule

October – December 2015    

  • The parking garage that serves downtown visitors, the apartment development, as well as City Hall is open. The first floor is available for public parking. Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., parking is limited to three hours. Parking along State, Fifth and Austin Streets surrounding the City Center development will also be marked with the same time limitations.
  • Construction is underway on the Arts Plaza. Patron access to the Granville Arts Center is still available off of Fifth Street until construction is complete, anticipated in early 2016.
  • Phase 2 of the apartments opened October 1, marking the completion of 148 units. It is approximately 90% complete.
  • Re-skinning of City Hall’s west and south façades is underway.
  • City Hall restrooms, windows, and fire sprinkler updates will be completed.
  • Construction is underway on the new building located at 203 N. Fifth St., across from City Hall. It will house the City’s Economic Development Department and five townhome style apartments on the upper two floors. It is set for completion by mid-2016.
  • The Lyles House is on its permanent foundation and final carpentry and landscaping will be complete by end of 2016.

January – March 2016

  • Arts Plaza construction is scheduled to be complete by end of 1Qtr2016.
  • Construction on the rest of the Heritage Crossing pedestrian corridor will begin in early 2016. Landscape improvements to the area will create linkages between recent projects including Richland College, Oaks Fifth Street Crossing, the DART rail station and the Granville Arts Center, as well as current and future projects.

April – June 2016

  • CGTV Sound Stage and Public & Media Relations office space are scheduled for completion.
  • The three-story building across from City Hall is scheduled for completion. The new building will house the City’s Economic Development Department and five townhome-style apartments on the upper two floors.

July – September 2016

  • Heritage Crossing landscape improvements will create linkage between recent projects including Richland College, the DART rail station and the Granville Arts Center, as well as current and future projects.


Completed Projects

  • The Lyles House is now set on its foundation at Heritage Crossing.
  • Work on the addition to the south side of City Hall began in September 2015.
  • State St. was reopened to vehicular traffic on August 31, 2015.
  • Oaks Properties opened the first phase of apartments in May 2015.
  • Austin and State Streets have been replaced.
  • The overhead electric poles along the west side of KCS between Austin and State have been removed.
  • The storm sewer system around the development has been upgraded along Austin between 5th and KCSR as well as along State St. between 5th and KCSR.
  • The exterior of 1910 Pullman railcar is complete.
  • The design of the Arts Plaza is finalized.
  • The Lyles House was relocated to SW quadrant in March 2015.
  • The historic Pace House moved to its new location in the Travis College Hill Historic District, where it hasundergone renovations to return it to single family use.
  • The buildings at 203 N. Fifth and 504 W. State have been demolished. 504 W. State Street has been minimally improved with sod and irrigation until future plans for this site are developed. A three-story building will be constructed at 203 N. Fifth with office space on the first floor and apartments on the upper levels.
  • The Landmark Museum and railcar have been moved to the Heritage Crossing Pedestrian Corridor. The grand reopening of the museum was held on May 31, 2014.
  • The Sixth Street extension between Austin and Walnut opened on May 28, 2014.
  • Council awarded construction contracts for City Hall renovations as well as adjacent streetscape and infrastructure improvements.
  • Along the west side of KCSR between Austin and State Streets, GP&L crews buried overhead electric utilities underground. (Removal of the poles is scheduled for a later date.)
  • Installation of the electrical infrastructure in State Street to service new transformers at City Hall was complete.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) has been replaced along with upgrading electric service to City Hall.      
  • Replacement of the aging water main on Austin Street (between Fifth and Third streets) has been completed. The street is temporarily open, but will close again in the coming months as the City Center development efforts ramp up.        
  • Replacement of the sanitary sewer line in State Street between Fifth Street and the KCSR railroad.
  • Construction on the parking structure behind City Hall started in October 2013.
  • Site improvements on the southwest quadrant of the Walnut Pedestrian Corridor are complete and the Landmark Society relocated the museum to its new home.        
  • The design team finalized plans for the City Hall façade renovations, infrastructure, and streetscape in March 2014.
  • City Hall’s façade along the North side was refaced.