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In preparation for construction on the City Center project, a Temporary Parking Plan and a new Parking Ordinance is being implemented in Downtown Garland. The Parking Ordinance for three-hour, time-limited parking on select streets in the Downtown area will help support Downtown merchants by discouraging full-day employees from taking prime parking spaces that are needed to serve customers. Beginning July 15, violators will receive a citation with a $75 fine.

Parking for Granville Arts Center Patrons - There is abundant parking available for patrons attending events and performances at the Granville Arts Center. In addition to the Granville Arts Center parking areas and the adjoining DART lot, patrons also may park in the Fifth Street Parking Garage free of charge. The entrance to the garage is on Fifth Street directly across from The Atrium and next to Fifth Street Market.

Parking Plans

Temporary Parking Plan (click to view map)
November 2013-Mid 2015

  • All City Hall and on-street parking adjacent to City Hall will be shut down with limited spaces on the northeast corner of Fifth and State streets.
  • ADA and designated parking for City Hall will be available on the southeast corner of Fifth and State streets.
  • Three-hour, time-limited parking for all on-street parking will be available at the following locations:
    • Fifth Street from Walnut Street to State Street.
    • Both sides of Austin Street from Sixth Street to Fifth Street.
    • Both sides of Sixth Street from Walnut Street to Austin Street.
    • North side of State Street from City Hall to Sixth Street.
    • Sixth Street from State Street to Main Street.
    • Both sides of Main Street from Seventh Street to Sixth Street.
    • South side of Main Street from Sixth Street to Fifth Street.
  • City Hall parking on the northeast corner of Fifth and State streets will close January 2014.
  • Parking at 203 Fifth Street will close in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Permanent Parking Plan (view map)
Mid 2015

  • City Center Parking Garage opens.
  • On-street parking opens on northeast corner of Fifth and State streets.
  • New on-street parking available on Fifth Street in front of The Oaks development.
  • Parking at 203 Fifth Street reopens.
  • All on-street, time-limited parking remains in effect.