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Garland City Council has approved plans to begin the next phase of the redevelopment of Downtown Garland in an effort to attract more people and businesses to the area, and improve the quality of life for residents.

Plans will include the next phase of mixed-use development for Downtown Garland through a partnership with Oaks Properties to take advantage of transit-oriented development opportunities along Garland’s DART rail station. The City Center project will add 153 apartment units next to City Hall in addition to the existing units built in 2008 at Oaks Fifth Street Crossing. The City will provide the site ready for development, and will construct a parking structure with a minimum of 330 spaces to serve the public, residential tenants, and those accessing City Hall. 

A large public open space currently referred to as the Walnut Pedestrian Corridor, is being developed south of Walnut Street between Glenbrook Drive and Fifth Street. The corridor showcases the Landmark Museum depot and railcar, highlighting Garland’s rail history — from freight to mass transit. 

City Hall renovations also are included in the plans and will consist of reskinning the facility’s facade, updating City Hall to current building code and safety requirements, and expanding the studio for CGTV—Garland’s government access channel. Other enhancements to the area will include updates to streetscape and utility infrastructure, additional pocket parks/open spaces for residents to enjoy, and upgraded parking lot lighting at the Central Library.

Visit the City website for upcoming details including project schedules, road closures, and new and temporary parking locations for visitors conducting business in Downtown Garland. More information will be available in the coming weeks. Please check back for updates. For more information, contact the Public & Media Affairs Department at 972-205-2875.

City Center - View from State and Fifth streets looking northeast. 


Additional Information on Downtown:

Downtown Garland Redevelopment Implementation Plan
Downtown Garland has all the elements necessary for successful redevelopment, with the most important asset being a strong sense of civic pride and mission within the community. The City of Garland completed this market-based redevelopment strategy to identify specific needs and actions leading to on-the-ground catalyst projects, a number of which have already been completed. Download the Implementation Plan.

Downtown Square Project
The Downtown Square Project redesigns the public square at the heart of Garland’s downtown to create a larger, more functional and inviting public space. The project includes evaluation of design concepts such as replacement of the large reflecting pool with a central fountain, raising the grade of the plaza to street level, and creating a more flexible and functional space for large gatherings as well as individual activity.

Downtown Catalyst Area
More than a decade ago, the Garland City Council highlighted Downtown Garland as a priority area for reinvestment and revitalization. Concentrating limited public sector resources in strategic areas will have a positive “ripple effect” in surrounding neighborhoods and commercial districts. The City partners with private developers and businesses to build new or renovate key places in Garland, such as Downtown, in a way that meets broader community aspirations. Information regarding future economic development opportunities for Downtown Garland is summarized here.