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News Updates

Shooting Update - May 4, 2015

In response to the shooting that occured at the Muhammad art event on May 3, Garland city and school district officials continue to work together to ensure the safety of the people in and around the Curtis Culwell Center, as well as the students at nearby schools and the rest of the community.

The Muhammad art event was organized and brought here by people from outside of the Garland community. They rented convention center space at the Curtis Culwell Center.

City, school district and law enforcement officials worked together prior to this event to prepare for potential security and safety needs due to the nature and pre-publicity for this event.

The Garland Police Department was able to contain this situation at the perimeter of the event. The effectiveness of the public safety response illustrates why Garland is one of the safest cities in America and yesterday’s events don’t change that.


Officials from the Garland Police Department, FBI, Texas DPS and other agencies are working together to investigate this incident. Forensics personnel from these agencies are processing the crime scene. That process could take several more hours.

As Sunday’s Muhammad Art Exhibit event at the Curtis Culwell Center was coming to an end, two adult males drove up to the front of the facility perimeter in a car. Both males were armed with assault weapons and began shooting at a Garland ISD security officer. Garland Police officers engaged the gunmen, who were both shot and killed.

The security officer, Bruce Joiner, sustained a wound to his ankle. He was treated and released.

Police suspected the vehicle driven by the suspects might contain explosive devices and quickly evacuated the surrounding businesses as a precaution.

During the overnight hours, local and federal explosive technicians detonated several packages inside and surrounding the suspects’ vehicle. No explosive devices were actually found in the vehicle.

Area businesses are able to open as usual today. Classes at nearby Naaman Forest High School have continued as normal. School and City public safety officials are providing additional security as a precaution.

Naaman Forest Blvd is closed between the east side of Sam’s Club and Academy Sports and Elliot Avenue, along with the Curtis Culwell Center property.

Event participants inside the Culwell Center were evacuated by bus to a secure location. Law enforcement officials interviewed the participants as potential witnesses. Garland Emergency Management officials assisted evacuated participants with transportation and temporary housing.

Those evacuated event participants whose vehicles are still inside the crime scene perimeter should call 972-205-2000 to register your phone number to be alerted when your vehicle can be retrieved.