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Garland Home Recevies Housing Innovation Award

Garland is home to a national role model for energy efficiency. A 1953 home in Garland’s English Estates neighborhood is the first to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home program as a high performance certified retrofit. The 3-bedroom rancher is expected to save its owner more than $1,000 a year in utility bills compared to contemporary building standards.

This home was retrofitted as part of a partnership between Green Extreme Homes (GEH) and for-profit builder Carl Franklin Homes of Lewisville, Texas. GEH assembled volunteers from CitiBank and Home Depot to assist with the labor. The City of Garland’s Great Homes program donated departmental services to allow a U.S. military veteran, Bonnie Sanchez, to purchase the completed home.

The energy efficient renovations included Energy Star certified appliances, lighting, insulation and sealing. The home is heated and cooled with a ductless mini-split heat pump that has one outside compressor-condenser unit connected to five inside heads. The highly efficient unit has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 18.4 and a heating season performance factor (HSPF) of 9.8. The builder met all of the EPA Indoor airPLUS requirements including those for low- and no VOC-emitting paints, finishes, carpets, and cabinets. The builder also met guidelines for the Enterprise Foundation Green Communities Criteria, a green building program similar to LEED but geared toward low-income housing.

This energy efficient residence was turned over to its new owner during a special ceremony in May 2014. To learn more about the special features included in this home, visit the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program website.