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News Updates

Garland Partners with Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program

Garland Animal Services has an ongoing partnership with the Kaufman County Animal Awareness Program (KCAAP) to offer low-cost spay/neuter services for Garland pet owners.

In an effort to stem the influx of stray pit bull dogs into the Garland Animal Shelter, the KCAAP is offering a $50 discount on the sterilization of pit bull dogs for Garland residents.  The discount makes sterilization of pit bull dogs less than 40 pounds free.  Costs for sterilization of pit bull dogs over 40 pounds depend on the gender of the dog and the overall weight, but prices are still phenomenal.
Using grant funding, KCAAP will offer the discount to the first sixty Garland residents that take advantage of the pit bull sterilization program.  Residents must show proof of Garland residency and must submit a photograph of their dog at the time of surgery with the animal’s name on the back of the photograph. 
To schedule surgery, contact Kaufman County Animal Awareness Program at 972-472-3500 or visit http://www.spayneuternet.org/.  Free transportation is provided by the Animal Awareness Program on the first Thursday of each month. 
Residents are also encouraged to take advantage of low cost sterilization services for all breeds of dogs and cats at KCAAP.  For more information about this and other services offered by Garland's Animal Shelter, please visit www.GarlandAnimalServices.org