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Garland Municipal Courts Announce "Recall Day"

Do you or someone you know have a warrant in the City of Garland for unpaid fines? Here’s a chance to go before a judge, before you go to jail.
Garland Municipal Court is hosting “Recall Day” on Friday, Feb. 28, 2014 from 9 a.m. until noon at the Municipal Court Building at 1791 W. Avenue B, 2nd floor. Those with active warrants will have a chance to go before a judge to enter a plea, and then make arrangements to pay any balance on outstanding tickets, and have your warrants recalled. People attending will not be arrested for outstanding municipal warrants if they appear before a judge on “Recall Day.” In certain cases, the amount of the outstanding fine and court costs may be reduced at this special docket.

This special day of amnesty comes just before the 2014 “Great Texas Warrant Roundup” begins on Saturday, March 1. More than 300 law enforcement agencies state-wide are participating in the roundup. People with outstanding warrants for minor infractions like traffic and parking tickets as well as those with more serious violations could be arrested. If your Garland Municipal Court warrants are not cleared, City of Garland marshals and police officers could show up at your home or work at any time, arrest you, and then take you to jail.

Those wishing to take advantage of “Recall Day” need to bring a valid ID and be prepared to pay your unpaid fines. For more information, contact Lt. Rufus Rodriguez, with the Garland City Marshal’s office at 972-487-7341.