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News Updates

Get Outside and PLAY Garland

January - Winter trout fishing at Ablon Park
February - Biking the Rowlett Preserve bike trails
March - Disc Golf at Audubon Park
April - Family picnic in a Garland Park
May - Fly a kite at your neighborhood park
June - Catch the waves at Surf and Swim
July - Take your own Caption It! photo at one of the featured locations
August - Make a splash at the pool
September - Take a hike on a Garland Trail
October - Participate in Garland's Gone Camping
November - Make a leaf pile and jump in it
December - Play reindeer games (frisbee, tag, flag football)

Get Outside and PLAY Garland!  Garland Parks and Recreation is challenging you to try a new outdoor activity each month in 2013.  Outdoor adventures challenge issued!  Are you going to take it?