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City of Garland Department Receives Award for“Excellence In Code Enforcement”

Garland, Texas - September 8, 2011 - The Building Official’s Association of Texas recently named the City of Garland Code Compliance Department as the recipient of its first annual “Excellence in Code Enforcement” awards program. The goal of the award is to recognize organizations which provide top quality certification, education and inspection programs. Garland Code Compliance was selected based on its Single Family Rental program.
In April, 2005, the City of Garland adopted an ordinance to regulate the operation of single family rental properties. The ordinance requires landlords to obtain a permit for operation and stipulates that rental properties are inspected to ensure compliance with minimum housing codes to protect the life and safety of the occupants.
 “We want to be responsive to the needs of the property owners and the occupants,” said Code Compliance Director Steve Killen. “So we have established an ongoing review process, to assure that the program and its procedures are continually updated.”
Garland’s program has served as a model for the development of similar programs across the state. Code Compliance staff conducts Landlord Certification Training to educate property owners and managers about the City’s inspection process and minimum housing requirements. 
“We’ve created an education and incentive component that makes our program unique,” said Mr. Killen. “The training has been well-received and participants say they have benefited from being part of the process.” 
So far, more than 3,600 single family rental properties have become certified with staff members conducting more than 24,000 inspections.