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News Updates

City Celebrates Planning Awards

The City of Garland’s Planning & Community Development Department has received two statewide awards.

Residential Idea Book:

The Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association selected the City of Garland’s Residential Idea Book to receive its Honorable Mention award for project planning. The award was presented at the Association’s annual conference in October. The Idea Book was one of four projects selected from 19 nominations.

The Residential Idea Book is a collection of ideas and best practices to inspire homeowners who want to improve and invest in their single-family homes. The book includes a variety of enhancement ideas, from boosting a home’s curb appeal to planning a major home addition. The book also provides great tips on how to get the job done, from selecting a contractor, to getting the right permits, to picking the perfect paint colors. The Idea Book was developed as a practical, informative tool for homeowners to use to encourage revitalization of Garland neighborhoods.

The Residential Idea Book can be downloaded from the City of Garland’s online Development & Permitting Center, or obtained from the Planning and Building Inspection Departments.

Certificate of Achievement for Planning Excellence:

The Association also awarded Garland the 2013 Certificate of Achievement for Planning Excellence. The Planning Excellence Certificate is given annually to municipal planning departments who achieve high standards for adoption of professional planning studies, ordinances and plans, and whose staff members meet certain levels of training, education and participation in professional planning organizations.

The City of Garland has received the Certificate of Achievement for Planning Excellence numerous times in past years.