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News Updates

City Hall Parking Lots to Close During Construction Projects

Beginning July 1, the Garland City Hall parking lot will be closed to ready the area for construction on the City Center development and parking garage as part of the City’s Downtown redevelopment project.

Temporary Parking Plan (July-November)
• All City Hall and on-street parking adjacent to City Hall will be shut down with limited spaces on the northeast and southeast corners of Fifth and State streets. These spaces are intended for customers of City Hall and the other municipal buildings on Fifth Street. Additional customer parking also is available on the first floor of the Fifth Street Crossing Parking Garage located at 341 N. Fifth St.

• Three-hour, time-limited parking for all on-street parking also will be available at the following locations:

   o Fifth Street from Walnut Street to State Street
   o Both sides of Austin Street from Sixth Street to Fifth Street
   o Both sides of Sixth Street from Walnut Street to Austin Street
   o North side of State Street from City Hall to Sixth Street
   o Sixth Street from State Street to Main Street
   o Both sides of Main Street from Seventh Street to Sixth Street
   o South side of Main Street from Sixth Street to Fifth Street

Visit Downtown Redevelopment web page regularly for updates on temporary parking locations, project schedules and road closures. Select the “Downtown Redevelopment” button from the home page.

Parking Ordinance Enforcement
To discourage full-day employees from taking prime parking spaces that are needed to serve Downtown customers, the City will enforce a Parking Ordinance for three-hour, time-limited parking on select streets in the area from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Currently, Marshals are issuing warnings. Beginning July 15, violators will receive a citation with a $75 fine.

Utility Customers
To avoid the construction area, utility customers are encouraged to use one of the following bill payment options: e-bill, mail, PC banking, automatic bank draft, authorized payment location, credit or debit card via phone or online, drive-thru service or drop box located at 717 W. State St. For more information, visit GarlandUtilities.org or call 972-205-2671.