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News Updates

Garland Begins Installing Outdoor Warning Sirens

Installation of the City of Garland’s new outdoor warning sirens is underway. The first six of 15 sirens have arrived and are being assembled. Installation is expected to be complete by the end of May. The sirens will not be functional until all 15 sirens are installed and programmed.
The old siren system was taken offline in 2011 due to lack of reliability with the aged equipment. The new system consists of 15 sirens strategically located to warn those in public outdoor gathering spots throughout the city. The new sirens will feature the latest technology including flashing LED lights that will alert persons who are hearing impaired that they need to seek shelter and additional information.

During this system upgrade, the Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor severe weather conditions and provide warnings via CodeRED, Weather Warn and Twitter. Remember that the outdoor warning sirens are not intended to be heard indoors. Citizens should be alert to changing weather conditions and have multiple means of receiving emergency warnings.

For more information about the outdoor warning sirens and other emergency preparedness issues, visit the City of Garland Office of Emergency Management web page or call 972-781-7222.