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Water Taste and Odor

Have you noticed an odor and change in the way your water tastes? Don't let this change alarm you because it is a natural occurrence called algal bloom.

Our area lakes receded a great deal during last summer's drought, and fall rains caused an abundance of plant growth. With lake levels returning to normal and warming water temperatures, the excess vegetation has begun to decay, increasing nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium levels. This causes algae to grow, causing an earthy taste in the water. This condition does not alter the quality of the water, and it remains safe for use and consumption.

Once an onset of an algal bloom is confirmed, additional chemicals can be added to reduce taste and odor issues. North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) is implementing ozonation, which is expected to significantly reduce and/or eliminate the odor/taste issue.

For additional information regarding algal bloom, visit the NTMWD website. More information about water conservation and water quality also is available at www.garlandwater.com.