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Utility Customers May be Targeted by Nationwide Billing Scam

City of Garland utility customers are warned about a nationwide utility bill payment scam that can result in identity theft and unpaid utility bills.

Details about the Scam
Nationwide, customers have been contacted by email, U.S. mail, fliers, social media, phone calls, text messages and door-to-door solicitation with claims that President Obama or some other governmental agency will help them pay their utility bills by providing credits or making payments.

To receive the money for the bill payment, scammers claim they need customers’ social security and bank routing numbers. In return, customers are provided a phony bank routing number that will supposedly pay their utility bills.

Since there is no such governmental bill payment program, there is no money for payments, customers will believe they paid their utility bills when in fact they have not, and personal information will have been stolen.

How to Avoid the Scam
Never provide your social security number, credit card number, banking information or other personal information to anyone requesting it over the phone or at your home unless you initiated the contact and feel confident with whom you are speaking.

Victims of the Scam
If you are a victim of this scam and live in Garland, contact the City of Garland Customer Service Department at 972-205-2671 to notify them of the situation and check on your utility account status. Also contact Garland Police at 972-205-2018 to report the identity theft.