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News Updates

Chief Knight Names Fire Department Command Staff

Garland Fire Chief Raymond Knight has announced appointments to his new command staff, formally introducing them to the Garland City Council on July 2, 2012.

Assistant Chief Carl Coan has been in charge of Operations since 2011, managing day-to-day division activity, 240 personnel at 11 stations working three shifts. Last year, the Operations Division answered more than 22,000 calls for service. Assistant Chief Coan joined the Garland Fire Department in 1990, working his way up through the ranks as a paramedic, station Captain, Operations Battalion Chief, reaching the rank of Assistant Chief in 2010 to work with the Fire Marshal Office, Information Technology and Communications/Dispatch. Carl has been active in urban search and rescue and in various regional committees. He currently serves as president of the Dallas County Fire Chiefs Association.

Assistant Chief Kelly Miller comes from a family of firefighters. His father, George, retired from the Garland Fire Department has a Battalion Chief in 1991 after 33 years of service. His younger brother works for the Denton Fire Department. He met his wife, April, in rookie school and she works for the Dallas Fire Department. Assistant Chief Miller joined Garland in 1995. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance and brings a strong background in budgeting and accounting to his role as Administrative Assistant Chief.

Assistant Chief Todd Peele was appointed to Assistant Chief of EMS/Training two years ago, but recently tested to the position. He began his firefighter career with Garland in 1990, later becoming an EMS lieutenant, captain, Battalion Chief over EMS and Training Divisions, before promoting to Assistant Chief. He has extensive training in incident management and disaster preparedness. Assistant Chief Peele oversees all emergency medical services and training, three EMS lieutenants and 11 front line ambulances. He has worked with the City’s asset recovery team to improve ambulance fee collection rates.

Captain Michael VanBuskirk will continue his duties in the Garland Fire Marshal’s Office, where he has served for the past 11 years. A member of the Garland Fire Department since 1994, Captain VanBuskirk has been responsible for every aspect of the Garland Fire Marshal’s Office and has developed valuable expertise of fire codes, National Fire Protection Agency standards, and their application in the development, inspection and plan review process. He has developed strong working relationships with Fire Administration and other City departments, including Building Inspection, Engineering, Transportation, Streets and Utilities. He is currently working to attain his Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Service Administration from Texas A&M Commerce and holds many advanced certifications.

Captain Glenn Johnson has been promoted to Administrative Battalion Chief. He became a Garland firefighter in 1992, promoting through the ranks and becoming a captain in 2006. Battalion Chief Johnson was instrumental in the design phase of Garland’s state-of-the-art Fire Training Facility. He has served on the Fire Department’s Biotel Protocol Committee, the Apparatus Committee and the GFD Information Technology Advisory Board. He has helped develop a computerized method of delivering training to the fire stations, electronic tracking for fire station supply orders, and an Electronic Patient Care Reporting system.

“It is an honor and privilege to present the Garland Fire Department Command Staff to the Garland City Council,” said Chief Knight. “These Garland administrative fire officers are as talented and capable as any fire staff in the state of Texas, and will continue to serve the citizens of Garland very well. I am proud to work with these excellent Garland fire officers.”