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News Updates

Look for New Recycling Containers in Selected Areas

The wait is over for many Garland residents who will be among the first to receive their new blue automated recycling containers. Beginning Monday, June 11 through June 20, Waste Rec, the company selected for container delivery, will drop off the first batch of recycling containers. More than 8,200 residents will receive the new containers.

All deliveries will be curbside. However, the actual collection point for the recycling container will continue to be as it currently is--either at the alley or curb.

The first automated collection route will be run the week of June 19 – 22 for residents in the yellow collection areas. The first automated collection route for residents in the blue collection areas will be the week of June 26 – 29.

Visit the Environmental Waste Services website at www.garlandenvironmentalwaste.com for a map of the areas that will receive the new containers, as well as a collection schedule and list of items that can be recycled. For questions about the City’s recycling program, please call EWS Customer Service at 972-205-3500.