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Building Community, One Table at a Time

Jakki Spencer has lived in her South Garland neighborhood for years. While she knew many of her neighbors, she didn't have the tight-knit community she craved. After hearing about Kristin Schell’s Turquoise Table movement, Jakki began hosting small get-togethers at a turquoise picnic table in her front yard. Keeping it simple with just coffee and pastries, Jakki is one of many Garland residents leading the charge to build community, one table at a time!

The Dallas Morning News recently featured two other Garland residents, Laura Dalton and Stephanie Wakeem, who also participate in the movement that calls everyone to be “front yard people.” You can read the article here.

Want to get involved in a different way? Garland’s Office of Neighborhood Vitality offers programs and resources to empower residents who seek to engage and strengthen their communities. Learn more at GarlandNeighborhoods.org.