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Pet Microchipping for the Win!

Earlier this year, the City of Garland changed its Code of Ordinances to replace pet registrations with mandatory microchips for all newly adopted pets and pets reclaimed by their owners.

The idea to revise the ordinance was well received by the Garland City Council and community. During the discussion phase, District 7 Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Scott LeMay suggested microchips be used to identify the owners of animals impounded in the field so the pets could be returned to home without ever visiting the shelter. This “field return” program benefits Garland Animal Services, residents and the lost pets by reducing the amount of animals that come to the shelter, reducing the risk of animals getting sick at the shelter and saving pet owners hundreds of dollars in impoundment fees. 

Aside from making pet identification easier, this change encouraged Animal Service Officers (ASOs) to provide an enhanced service—while in the field, ASOs now scan all animals for microchips and make at least one attempt to return pets to their owners if a microchip is found. Since replacing pet registrations with microchips, Garland Animal Services has returned 19 dogs to their owners without taking any of the dogs to the animal shelter! 

Microchips are small electronic chips about the size of a grain of rice that are injected under the pet’s skin in the fat between the shoulder blades. The procedure is simple, safe and does not require surgery or anesthesia.

Microchipping can be done at the Abe J. Tuggle Animal Shelter, 600 Tower St., during normal business hours. Cost is $25. For questions about this new ordinance or to microchip your pet, call 972-205-3570 or email AnimalServices@GarlandTX.gov.

Pictured: A dog is returned to his home at no cost to the owner, all thanks to Garland’s new microchipping ordinance!