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Garland Ranked One of Best Cities for Living the American Dream

Garland was named among the country’s top 25 cities to pursue the American Dream in a recent report by financial technology company SmartAsset.com.

Garland’s exemplary diversity, homeownership rate of 63.4 percent and median home value of $145,900 easily prove it is one of the best places to achieve a person’s personal definition of success, whether raising a family, starting a business or entering retirement.

SmartAsset ranked Garland No. 3 in its list of Best Cities for Living the American Dream. The study considered five different measures of housing and opportunity in 250 of the largest American cities:

  • homeownership rate,
  • median home value,
  • racial and ethnic diversity,
  • unemployment, and
  • intergenerational economic mobility.

Garland is noted as one of the most diverse cities in the U.S., with no racial or ethnic group making up more than 33 percent of the population. Garland’s index score of 0.209 also means its population is only slightly more diverse than that of Los Angeles or New York City!

Read the full findings of the report here.