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City to Provide Improved Recycling Services in June

Residents will soon benefit from a convenient, easy way to recycle materials in Garland. Environmental Waste Services (EWS) will implement automated and manual collection single stream recycling this summer, which will allow residents to recycle more materials and combine all recyclable materials into one recycling bin.

Automated Collection Single Stream Recycling
EWS will begin automated collection single stream recycling for more than 8,000 households in designated areas throughout the city. Customers in these areas will receive a 95-gallon container that will be serviced by automated recycling collection vehicles. Automated collection for customers who live in the yellow areas will begin June 19 – 22, and automated collection for customers who live in the blue areas will begin the week of June 26 – 29.

Manual Collection Single Stream Recycling
Customers who do not live in the designated areas for automated collection will continue to receive manual collection services using their 18-gallon red recycling bins(s). Plastic bags may be used to accommodate overflow of additional recyclable material. If plastic bags are needed, place lighter item such as aluminum and steel cans, plastic containers, chipboard and small cardboard boxes in the plastic bags, and heavier items such as newspaper, glass bottles and jars in the red bin(s) to prevent breakage of bags. Manual collection single stream recycling will be used in theses areas until automated collection is fully implemented.

Single Stream Recycling will allow customers to recycle more materials including:
• Plastics #1 - #5, and #7
• Aluminum and steel cans
• Chipboard (cracker and cereal boxes)
• Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper and paper grocery bags
• Small flattened cardboard boxes
• Empty aerosol cans
• Glass bottles and jars

( Click here for the automated collection areas )