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Good Neighbors Made Here

Great neighbors make great neighborhoods! As spring approaches, consider these reminders from Garland Code Compliance to keep your neighborhood safe and orderly.

  • Fences: Fences on personal property should be maintained at all times. It is unlawful to allow fences to lean or to have missing, loose or broken slats or panels.
  • High Grass: Grass/weeds more than 12 inches in height are a violation of City of Garland codes. This includes grass in any alley or easement.
  • Encroachment: Any object, structure or vegetation that obstructs the lawful passage of vehicular and pedestrian traffic over any street, alley, easement or sidewalk must be trimmed and maintained at all times—up to 14 feet above any street or alley easement and up to 8 feet above any sidewalk. Vegetation cannot extend into any City right of ways.

For more information about maintaining a healthy neighborhood, contact Garland Code Compliance at 972-485-6400 or the Office of Neighborhood Vitality at 972-205-2445.