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News Updates

Code Enforcement to Address Public Parking Issues

The City of Garland Code Compliance and Police departments share responsibility in enforcing parking violations. Certain violations, such as blocking fire hydrants or parking too close to intersections, are strictly enforced by the Police Department. Others, such as oversized vehicles parked in residential areas, trailers parked on the street and unattended vehicles stored on public property, are enforced by Code Compliance.

In the past, code inspectors relied heavily on resident calls to enforce parking. However, given recent requests from residents and the City’s desire to be responsive to the needs of the community, Code Compliance will begin a more intense parking enforcement initiative across the city.

Inspectors will focus on parking violations on city streets with an emphasis on: vehicles that have remained stationary for periods exceeding 48 hours, trailers and oversized vehicles (tow trucks, truck tractors, road tractors, semitrailers, trailers greater than 18 feet in length, passenger motor vehicles designed to carry more than 16 persons, and any modified vehicle with a manufacturer’s rating of 9,000 pounds gross weight or more).

Properties that do not have a history of parking violations will be issued notice. Citations and/or towing may occur for properties that have a history of parking violations or fail to comply by the compliance date specified on the notice. Impound fees are required for any vehicle that is reclaimed.

For more information, call Garland Code Compliance at 972-485-6400.