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Good Neighbors Made Here

Great neighbors make great neighborhoods! As you recover from the holidays and embark on new resolutions, now is the perfect time to inspire a more active neighborhood.

Physical fitness is always a popular resolution, so this year try starting a walking club around your neighborhood. Not only is there built-in accountability, but this can also serve as a time to pick up litter in the neighborhood!

Community service is another common resolution, so why not try looking for opportunities to serve your neighbors? Whether it’s cutting their lawn “just because” or identifying elderly or single parents to whom to lend a hand, many opportunities arise once we start looking.

Are you already actively serving your neighbors? Attend the annual Board and Volunteer Fair on Tuesday, Jan. 24, to volunteer with local nonprofits serving Garland residents. Visit GarlandNeighborhoods.org for more information.

In addition to these New Year’s suggestions, here are a few more tips of how you can be a good neighbor:

Park Politely, Please!

  • Avoid parking in front of your neighbor’s house.
  • Never block Postal Service access to mailboxes.
  • Park as close to the curb as possible to allow passage for emergency vehicles.
  • Communicate in a respectful and positive matter with neighbors about parking issues.
  • When possible, let your neighbors know in advance of activities at your home that may include excessive guest parking.

Winter Watering

  • To help avoid icy streets and sidewalks this winter season, manually turn off irrigation systems that are not equipped with freeze sensors. 
  • It also may be necessary to wrap any exposed pipes on your irrigation system to avoid damages during a hard freeze.

For more information about maintaining a healthy neighborhood, contact Garland Code Compliance at 972-485-6400 or the Office of Neighborhood Vitality at 972-205-2445.