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Travel Tips for the New Year

Maybe this is the year you take that long-awaited vacation across the ocean, or perhaps one of your goals is to visit family members in a far-off land. Or maybe you are interested in traveling overseas to provide aid such as disaster relief or missionary work.

Whatever your reason for traveling abroad, it’s important to plan ahead to protect your health while you’re away from home. One way you can avoid getting sick is by being vaccinated.

Based on your destination and planned activities, you may need to be immunized with vaccines that are not included in the routine immunization schedule. For instance, some countries require proof of yellow fever vaccination before a traveler is allowed into the country. Other countries may require a recent dose of meningococcal vaccine. Some vaccines require multiple doses, so it is important to plan ahead.

Garland Public Health Clinic has registered nurses available to discuss the vaccinations you may need for your trip. Travel vaccines for all ages, including yellow fever, meningococcal and typhoid vaccines, are administered at our location at 206 Carver St.

As an international traveler, you may face greater health risks than you do at home. Call Garland Public Health Clinic at 972-205-3370 for information on how to minimize health risks through vaccination.