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Trashy Streets Make Trashy Creeks Art Contest

Garland’s Stormwater Management Department invited Garland ISD high schools to participate in the “Trashy Streets Make Trashy Creeks” Art Contest. The contest was created to bring awareness to the effect of litter in Garland’s public waterways.

Four high schools participated in the contest. Each school was asked to design a trash can using imagery inspired by ways the community can keep the environment and waterways clean. Examples of Garland’s litter problem included cigarette butts, plastic bottles, plastic bags and fast food wrappers/bags. Schools learned that much of the litter in our city is thrown from cars, dropped in parking lots or left behind at sporting events. The litter then flows into our creeks through storm drains.

Garland High School won the $500 first-place prize, and North Garland High School won the $300 second-place prize. Each of the four trash cans are displayed at various Garland recreation centers.