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Good Neighbors Made Here

Great neighbors make great neighborhoods! As we approach the holidays, follow these tips to make your neighborhood the best it can be.

Let your neighbors know of holiday parties you may be hosting, and keep them in mind when considering music and other noisy activities. Ask your guests to be considerate of your neighbors and to not block driveways.

Holidays and parties can create extra trash. If yours tends to overflow, make arrangements with a neighbor whose doesn’t or who will be out of town to keep your streets trash-free.

Use the holidays as an opportunity to introduce yourself to neighbors. This is a great time to try out a new cookie recipe or craft you’ve had your eye on. If you’ll be out of town, notify a trusted neighbor and provide your contact information in case of an emergency.

In addition to these holiday suggestions, follow these do’s and don’ts year-round to keep your neighborhood healthy and friendly!

  • Keep your property free of debris, high grass and junk cars.
  • Know the names and phone numbers of at least two neighbors on your block or street.
  • Don’t speed on residential streets.
  • Don’t leave your trash bin and recycle bin on the curb after the trash pickup day.
  • Remove all holiday lights when the holiday season ends.
  • Call the police if you witness any suspicious activity in the neighborhood.
  • Supervise your children when playing in the neighborhood.
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times.

For more information about maintaining a healthy neighborhood, contact Code Compliance at 972-485-6400 or the Office of Neighborhood Vitality at 972-205-2445.