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Good Neighbors Made Here

Being a good neighbor involves helping maintain a clean, attractive neighborhood. The City of Garland’s Code Compliance Department and Office of Neighborhood Vitality work with residents to accomplish this goal by noting violations and educating residents about City codes and ordinances.

Residents can encourage a cohesive community by avoiding these common code violations:

  • Store your business equipment and materials out of public view and off the ground to prevent rodent harborage. Home businesses are not allowed by City Ordinance.
  • Do not park vehicles on sidewalks or in yards. Pedestrians must have clear passage.
  • Vehicles should be operable, move at least one time in a 48-hour period, and should not be wrecked or dismantled.
  • Trucks with trailers attached, trailers alone, RVs, campers and boats should never be parked on the street.
  • Vehicles parked on the street should provide adequate clearance for neighbors to enter and exit their driveways at all times of the day.
  • Respect City infrastructure. Residential streets are not built to withstand the weight of 18-wheel tractors or trailers.
  • Commercial vehicles must be parked on private property only, and only one commercial vehicle may be parked at a residence.
  • Leave clearance for mailboxes when parking on the street. The postal service will not deliver mail if they cannot reach the mailbox.

For more information about maintaining a healthy neighborhood, contact Code Compliance at 972-485-6400 or the Office of Neighborhood Vitality at 972-205-2445. View the City of Garland Charter and Code of Ordinances on the City Council's webpage at GarlandTX.gov.