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Garland Libraries Introduce Mobile Printing

Garland libraries now offer the convenience of mobile printing from a personal computer, tablet or smartphone. The service is available to users printing from a Garland library branch, home, office or on the go. All that is needed is aGarland library card, a personal email address, 15 cents cash per page printed (or 50 cents cash per color page) and the ability to travel to a library location within three hours to retrieve the document.

Users may choose to print through one of three methods:

  • email a print job to the chosen library location;
  • submit a print job through PrinterOn, a free mobile printing app for iOS, Android and other devices; or
  • visit the Garland library web portal at Library.GarlandTX.gov, click on Mobile Printing and following the instructions.

To determine the best printing method for a specific print job, visit Library.GarlandTX.gov.

Please note that a print job cannot be revised once it is sent to a library. Once the print job is sent to a library, the user must visit the library location within three hours to access a print-release workstation. After entering a valid email address and inserting cash for the print job, the document will print to the workstation.

For complete instructions on the library’s mobile printing service, call 972-205-2501 or visit Library.GarlandTX.gov.