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Garland Rolls Out Recycling Carts

Environmental Waste Services (EWS) is in the process of initiating phase five of single-stream recycling in Garland. During phase five, 10,500 residents will be added to the program and will receive new recycling receptacles.

The recycling carts will be the same size and shape as the existing trash carts, but will be distinguishable by their bright blue color. Financial Services Manager Tyra Lewis explained the positive impact of moving to single-stream recycling. “EWS is proud to provide citizens with blue recycling carts. Ninety-six gallons worth of mixed material—paper, cardboard aluminum, most plastics and glass—can be placed in the bin, creating the potential for more recycling and greater environmental impact. By comparison, the red bins only hold 18 gallons. In addition to having a greater capacity, the new carts will have wheels, making transport back and forth to the curb much easier.”

Residents currently participating in the recycling program and using red bins may return the red bins to the EWS Recycling Center, 1436 Commerce St.; or, if space permits, place them inside their new blue recycling carts. “Regardless of whether residents drop off the red bins in-person or place them inside the blue carts, EWS will recycle all red bins. It also is important to know that once the blue carts are delivered, the red carts will no longer be serviced,” said Lewis.

Recycling collection will continue on the same schedule—pickup occurring once every other week based on zone. Trash pickup will continue to be collected once per week.

A cart-care packet will be placed on the lid of each blue container. “We encourage citizens to review the packet as soon as they receive their blue cart. The packet will contain a recycling poster, service dates and even an activities page for the kids,” said Lewis.

In an effort to ensure timely, quality service, residents should follow these guidelines for cart placement:

  • Cart wheels should face the home.
  • Four feet of space should be given between trash and recycling carts.
  • Four feet of space should be given from other obstructions such as fences, trees, cable boxes, electrical pedestals, gas meters, etc.
  • Never place the cart in the street.
  • Do not park vehicles in front of the carts or in alleyways.


Important Dates – Single-Stream Recycling: Phase Five

Action Item

Blue Zone

Week of:

Yellow Zone

Week of:

Mail-out on

Recycling Program

Sept. 13

Sept. 20

Post Card Reminder

Sept. 27

Oct. 4

Recycling Cart Delivery

Oct. 21

Oct. 25

Recycling Cart Service Begins

Oct. 28

Nov. 1

Phase six will begin in fall 2017 and will conclude the recycling cart rollout to all Garland residents. Find recycling and trash collections schedules for your area at GarlandEnvironmentalWaste.com.