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National 811 Day: Call Before You Dig

Did you know that, before you dig, it is required by law to call 811 to have all buried utility lines located and marked?

In recognition of National 811 Day, Aug. 11, Atmos Energy Corporation reminds homeowners, construction crews and do-it-yourselfers to call 811 before digging into your next outdoor project. Every six minutes, an underground utility line is damaged in the United States. However, a quick call to 811 before digging can help eliminate this threat and protect the community.

811 is a free service that connects you to professional line locators who are sent to the digging site to mark the locations of all buried utility lines. Whether installing a new fence, laying a patio or planting a tree, always call 811 before you dig.

The 811 service does not locate customer-owned lines on a property or inside a building. A plumber, electrician or other contractor must be hired to locate customer-owned lines.

Ready to dig? 811 will help you do it safely! Learn more at atmosenergy.com/811 or Call811.com.