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Statement of Support from Mayor Douglas Athas

Statement of Support from Garland Mayor Douglas Athas  

The City of Garland—our citizens, police, city council, city employees, and I—are shocked and incredibly saddened by the tragic shootings in Dallas last night. For no reason that had anything to do with Dallas, totally innocent officers and civilians were attacked. We extend our deepest sympathies to the families of those killed and injured, and ask that they be kept in everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

In Dallas, our community, and every other community across the country, police and other members of law enforcement serve constantly to protect us. This attack reminds us of the danger and risks they face and why we owe them so much, especially our gratitude and respect. Officers in Dallas, like those in Garland, hold themselves to highest professional standards. There isn’t the slightest justification for this tragedy that has been inflicted upon those working and serving to protect.

As always, the City of Garland stands ready to aid and assist the City of Dallas and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) authority. I have sent my personal condolences to Mayor Rawlings and Chief Brown in Dallas and to Mr. Thomas at DART, with my request that they forward my city’s sympathies to all those impacted by this tragedy.

In North Texas, police officersmen and women from all ethnic groupswork hard and diligently to serve and protect their citizens and neighbors. Just as it is wrong to judge others by their skin color or accent, it is equally wrong to judge someone by the color of his or her uniform, or to blame innocents for tragedies in other areas, whether perceived or actual. Violence such as this has no justification in Dallas or our area. The hate and evil spread by some must be countered by truth and fairness and citizens that refuse to be led to violence, no matter the banner or cause.

In spite of the awfulness of the events last night, there were many heroes, too: officers that rushed toward the gunfire to protect the crowds, citizens who helped each other move to safety, citizens that wanted to record and report valuable information to first responders and investigators, and those who braved the gunfire to aid those stricken. The tragedies caused by the few does reveal the goodness and caring of the many. Dallas is a strong and good community; we stand with them in good times and in times of grief, as they have stood with us.