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Employees' Swift Actions Recognized by City Council

Garland City Council members recognized two Environmental Waste Services (EWS) employees during the Council’s June 21 meeting. The employees received accolades for going beyond the call of duty to assist a resident who fell and broke her wrist.

On the afternoon of April 5, EWS employees Mark Washington and Mike Davis were performing business as usual when they saw a resident trip and fall during her daily walk with a friend. When the resident showed signs of injury to her wrist, Mark immediately rushed to the resident’s aid and, with Mike’s help, moved her to a shaded area and contacted 911. Mark and Mike waited with both residents until paramedics arrived. The City of Garland thanks Mark Washington and Mike Davis for being outstanding ambassadors for the City organization and for the Garland community.

Mark Washington and Mike Davis also were recognized in the Camelot neighborhood newsletter, The Knightly News, and during a staff appreciation breakfast hosted by EWS management.


Pictured (L—R): Camelot residents Judy Cheek and Rose Harris, Mark Washington (EWS), Mike Davis (EWS)