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Enjoy Fireworks Safely this Holiday

The Fourth of July holiday is here, which means fireworks displays will be in high demand. While fireworks are a popular way to celebrate holidays and special events, fireworks are not always safe in the hands of consumers. Fireworks cause thousands of burns and eye injuries each year. If you plan to enjoy fireworks this summer, keep yourself and your family safe by planning ahead with a few simple tips from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). See the flier below.

Chapter 33 of the International Fire Code also notes restrictions on the use of fireworks. Per code ordinance, the possession or use of fireworks within city limits is a Class C offense (citation) and is prohibited. Any opened fireworks are subject to seizure by Garland police. However, fireworks stored in vehicle compartments (other than passenger compartments) are protected, such as in the trunk or a locked compartment; this allows for transport/storage of fireworks to places outside city limits where they can be enjoyed. For details and questions on this ordinance, contact the Garland Fire Marshal’s Office at 972-781-7148.

For additional safety information on fireworks and other hazards, visit NFPA.org/education.

( View the fireworks safety flier from NFPA. )