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News Updates

Route Changes to Improve Solid Waste Collection Service

To improve operating efficiencies, Environmental Waste Services (EWS) will roll out a new Collection Route Optimization Program the week of March 6-9. The program will balance routes in the residential, recycling and brush/bulky goods service areas.


“While our current route structure has served our residents well, it has not proved to be the most efficient way to do business,” explained Lonnie Banks, EWS Managing Director. “The current routes are unbalanced and have become difficult to manage because more tonnage is collected on some routes than others on the same day and the number of residential homes serviced per route and the surface area covered per square mile vary significantly.” As a result of the Route Optimization Program, EWS estimates an annual savings of $107,827 in fuel, overtime, and maintenance costs. 


The implementation of the Route Optimization program will impact approximately 7,800 residents, or 12.5% of the solid waste customer base. Residents will be impacted as follows:

o   The solid waste and brush and bulky goods collection day will be changed for 2,500 residents (4% of the customer base).

o   The regular recycling collection date and/or week of collection will be altered for 5,300 customers (8.5% of the customer base).


EWS recognizes an additional opportunity to improve efficiencies by addressing the current route structure of mixed street/alley collections. Mixed collections are collection service points where containers are placed on the street and alleyway within the same residential housing block. There are 370 locations throughout the City where mixed street/alley collection service points are utilized. 


Mixed collection service points cause route inefficiencies when equipment operators are required to pass through the same area on multiple occasions to service containers/bins set out for collection by customers from both the street curbs and alleyways. To fully utilize the benefits of Route Optimization and eliminate inefficiencies, one collection point must be established at the street or alley. EWS will meet with affected customers who need clarification or assistance regarding their new refuse/recycling collection points. 


Letters containing detailed information about route changes are being mailed this week to residents impacted by Route Optimization.


Maps of the areas affected by Route Optimization were published in the February edition of the Garland City Press. For further clarification, go to the EWS website at www.garlandenvironmentalwaste.com or call EWS Customer Service at 972-205-3500.