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News Updates

Animal Services Hosts a Unique Visitor

Garland Animal Services Lead Officer Jose Martinez recently commended Animal Services Officers Trent Miller and Brandon Williams for their response to a stray “pony” seen running at large in Garland.

“On Feb. 16, Garland Animal Services received a call about a stray pony running at large in the 3800 block of South Country Club Road. Officer Miller responded and located the animal in question. After 20 minutes of persistent and relentless pursuit, and with the assistance of Animal Services Officer Brandon Williams, the pony was apprehended and moved to safety. Officer Williams then kept the miniature horse, not a “pony,” at bay until the Dallas Sheriff’s Department arrived to impound the animal. Great job to officers Brandon Williams and Trent Miller for ensuring Garland Animal Services’ most important priorities: public safety and animal welfare. Job well done and phenomenal teamwork.“

Officer Miller and Officer Williams have been with Garland Animal Services for over two years.

Did you know?

The City of Garland’s Code of Ordinances states…

• A permit is required for miniature horses; the yearly permit fee for a miniature horse is $25.
• A miniature horse cannot be greater than 34 inches tall at the withers.
• No more than two miniature horses may be kept at one dwelling unit.
• Males must be castrated (neutered) by the age of one year, per Article I Section 22.10 Miniature Livestock Regulations (D6) of the Garland City Ordinances.
• Miniature horses may not be kept closer than 30 feet from the nearest residential dwelling.
• Enclosures for miniature horses must be maintained in good condition and constructed to the standards required for small livestock.
• Miniature horses must be vaccinated annually. Both the Eastern and Western equine encephalitis virus, tetanus and rabies vaccinations are required.
• Miniature horses must be registered with the City.

View the City’s Animal Services Code of Ordinances at GarlandAnimalServices.org, and be sure to check out this month’s PAWS Newsletter!