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News Updates

Storm Debris Removal Update - Final Pass to Begin

Property owners are urged to have all storm-related debris ready for pickup on the curb or the alley right-of-way by Monday, Feb. 8. Streets should be kept clear of vehicles to allow access for debris removal crews. Once the third pass is completed, crews will not make additional passes through the impact zone.

Important: Garland’s debris removal crews will not pick up debris generated or moved to the curb by contractors. Property owners must work with their contractors to remove such debris. Garland’s storm debris crews also will not pick up household waste, recycling or other bulky goods. Regular trash and recycling collection crews will continue working the area on normal collection days.

Additional reminders:

• Separate the different types of waste on the curb or in the alley.
• City crews cannot access private property to collect any type of waste, so make sure it is on the appropriate right-of-way and not blocking streets or alleys.
• Try not to place storm debris underneath existing trees, to prevent damage to the tree and improve access by the debris removal crews.

For questions about storm debris removal, call 972-205-3366.

Container Replacement

To replace trash or recycling containers lost or damaged in the tornado, call 972-205-3500 during normal business hours or email ewscustomerservice@GarlandTx.gov.

Visit the City’s tornado information web page for other updates and information.