Sewer Main Testing

During the months of August, September, the Inflow/Infiltration Division of the Water Department will perform smoke testing on the sanitary sewer mains. The testing will be accomplished in three phases.

Phase #1 – Area from Buckingham to Lawler between Glenville and Plano Rd.

Phase #2 – Area from Lawler to W. Walnut between Forest Ridge and Plano Rd.

Phase #3 – Area from Lawler to W. Walnut between Plano Rd. and N. Yale

Smoke testing of the sanitary sewer system is conducted to identify potential rainwater sources by blowing low pressure, non-toxic, non-staining smoke into a section of sewer line. Smoke emissions from manholes and from the ground indicate defects in the manholes, sewer mains, and sewer laterals through which rainwater may enter the sewer. Reducing rainwater entering the sanitary sewer pipes reduces the cost of treatment at the two wastewater treatment plants.

A door hanger will be delivered three days in advance to streets where the smoke testing will occur. Since rain or high winds reduce the effectiveness of the testing, a test area may be postponed. Residents will be notified if defects are found on private property.