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Corner Clearance Requirements

Ordinance #4331 Section #33.66

No fence, wall, screen, billboard, sign, structure, or foliage of hedges, tree, bush or shrubs shall be erected, planted, or maintained in such a position or placed as to obstruct or interfere with the minimum sight line standards: Vision shall be clear between the elevations of three (3) feet and nine (9) feet above the average street grade with a triangle measuring forty-five (45) feet from the corner along the two street curb lines.

To view the corner clearance requirement diagram click here.


An obstruction lying within private property shall be removed within fourteen (14) days after notice or be subjected to a fine of not less than $1.00 nor more than $200.00 for each day after removal is required. Obstructions within the city right-of-way can be removed by the city if adjacent property owner fails to comply within fourteen (14) days.

If clarification or additional information is needed to correct this obstruction, please call 972-205-2437.