Storm Drain Inlet Marker Project


What is the Storm Drain Inlet Marker Project?
The City of Garland Storm Drain Inlet Marker Project utilizes volunteer groups to place markers on the storm drain inlets in the city.  This project is designed to increase awareness of indiscriminate dumping into storm drains.  Federal regulations require that the City of Garland reduce the number of pollutants that enter into a storm drain. This marker project is an effort to do so. 

What areas can we mark?
Volunteers mark an area that is agreed upon by the coordinator of this project and the group.  Markers, adhesive, wire brushes and orange safety vests will be issued.  For safety reasons, the City's Street department will mark inlets located on roads with heavy traffic.

Why mark storm drain inlets?
The majority of the general public does not realize that the storm drain system is a separate system from the wastewater system that handles household by-products.  Unlike the wastewater system, storm drains carry everything that enters them to the nearest water source.  Anything put into the drain will end up in a nearby water body. Furthermore, city ordinances restrict any person from intentionally placing items into storm drains. Storm drain markers help increase this awareness, and combat this problem.

Who do we contact?
For more information on this project, contact Paula Breysacher at 972-205-2191 or pbreysac@ci.garland.tx.us.  Thanks for your interest in this project!