How do I report a large pothole that has developed in front of my house?
Contact the Street Department at 972-205-3555 or via email at street@garlandtx.gov.  Please be as specific as possible about the location and size of the pavement defect.  If you believe that the pothole is an imminent hazard and needs immediate attention, please let us know.

A pothole on my concrete street was recently repaired with asphalt. Why wasn’t the repair made with concrete?
When the Street Department receives a pothole request, the maintenance crew chief investigates to determine the nature and extent of the problem.  If the problem needs immediate attention or can be improved with the placement of asphalt, the Street Department will make a temporary asphalt repair.  As the department proceeds with its annual infrastructure repair program, temporary repairs will be evaluated to determine priority for permanent concrete repairs.

My street is deteriorating and I believe it should be replaced. How do I get my street to be considered for reconstruction?
The Street Department replaces several deteriorating streets each year.  To determine which streets to replace, information from the Pavement Management System - a program that rates the condition of each street and alley - is evaluated.  The Street Department staff then proceeds with a field inspection for each replacement consideration to determine the streets and alleys that warrant replacement in the upcoming fiscal year.  This evaluation process occurs in the month of April each year.

Can the Street Department do something to eliminate the water that constantly stands in the street in front of my house?
Yes.  Standing water is typically caused when the pavement settles and the water can't drain.  Once a request of this type is received, staff will investigate and collect elevation data to determine the extent of the problem.  If the surrounding pavement is in good condition, it is possible to have the department contractor inject polyurethane material under the pavement to lift it back to its original elevation.  Another option is to grind the pavement to eliminate a high spot in the street. If the pavement is in poor condition, the Street Department will use asphalt pavement to level the street.

The sidewalk and curb in front of my house are damaged. Does the Street Department maintain sidewalks and curbs?
No.  Per City Ordinance (Article X, Sec 31.134-138), "It shall be the duty of any abutting property owner to keep the sidewalk, parkway, curb and driveway abutting such property in a good and safe condition, free from any defects and hazards".  To assist property owners in maintaining these facilities, the Engineering Department  manages a 50/50 cost share program for sidewalk, curb and gutter repair.  To inquire about this program, call (972) 205-2170

Does the Street Department sweep residential streets?
Yes.  The Street Department sweeps arterial and collector streets on a regular basis.  Residential streets are swept by request only.  Residential street sweeping is typically scheduled when the department has received enough requests in the area to constitute a full day's worth of sweeping.

Does the Street Department maintain street lights?
No. Garland Power and Light is responsible for installing and maintaining street lights.  To request repair for an existing street light, call 972-205-3483.  To request a new street light, call 972-205-3506

Does the Street Department maintain traffic signals?
No. The Transportation Department is responsible for installing and maintaining traffic signals. To request repair of an existing traffic signal, call 972-205-3250 during regular business hours and 972-205-3210 after 3:30 p.m.