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Tips for Zero False Alarms

At Home

Avoid objects that can trigger your alarm system

  • Unlocked or unsecured doors or windows
  • Unsupervised pets
  • Loose fitting doors
  • Open windows
  • Mylar balloons
  • Drafts that move plants and curtains

Enhance your alarm system’s potential

  • Train persons with keys to your home on complete alarm system operation 
  • Instruct domestic help or repair persons on proper operation of system
  • Have proper security hardware; deadbolt door docks and window locks
  • Expand your protection with an alert Neighborhood Crime Watch

Properly maintain your alarm system

  • Make regular inspections of your alarm system’s components
  • Replace main battery every 3 years
  • Test your system monthly through your alarm company 
  • Schedule regular maintenance checks by your alarm company
  • Notify alarm company after remodeling or adding pets
  • If you have questions about your alarm system, refer to your owner’s manual or call your alarm company.

At Your Business

Avoid objects that can trigger alarm

  • Hanging or moving displays
  • Mylar balloons or objects that reflect light
  • Pedestrian or overhead doors that don’t close properly
  • Windows that don’t close or seal properly

Inspect alarm system regularly

  • Designate an employee to maintain alarm system
  • Check for damaged or improperly aligned contacts
  • Test system on regular basis through your alarm company
  • Repair problems promptly 

System Operation 

  • Train authorized employees in proper operation of alarm system including entry and exit codes and procedures
  • Keep alarm company informed of employee changes
  • Notify alarm company of changes in opening and closing times
  • Have alarm company reevaluate alarm system after any remodeling or relocation of shelves, cabinets, or large equipment
  • Change alarm system code and door locks on a regular basis
Always notify alarm company before you test system to avoid unnecessary calls to police or fire department .

To obtain an alarm permit, print the PDF form and deliver or mail it with the appropriate fee and original signature to:
Garland Police Department – Alarm Unit
1891 Forest Lane
Garland, TX 75042