Neighborhood Police Officers

In 1993, Garland created a community police program called the Neighborhood Service Team (NST).  Athough initially developed for only certain neighborhoods of the city, the NST Unit was very successful and went through several growth periods until it covered the entire city and was renamed the Neighborhood Police Officer Unit (NPO Unit).

In August of 2012, the Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO) Program expanded to include responsibility for street-level narcotic activity and gang activity.  The NPO Unit previously had 17 officers and 2 NPO Lieutenants.  With the 2012 expansion the Unit now has:

  • 26 officers (1 NPO for each police district)
  • 3 NPO Lieutenants
  • 1 NPO Captain 

Each officer in the NPO Unit is assigned a particular area of the city.  Within their assigned area, the officer works with patrol officers, employees from other city departments, GISD, business owners, and especially citizens to identify and assist with ongoing problems that affect the area.

Primary duties of a Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO) are:

  1. Work with Crime Watch groups, Apartment Managers, Neighborhood Associations, and other community groups within the area. The NPO will be the primary contact for these groups, providing information about ongoing crime trends, soliciting help from the community in solving problems in their neighborhoods, and encouraging and assisting neighborhoods in banding together to work with the police toward a common goal.
  2. Identify specific crime trends within the area, formulate a strategy for addressing the offenses, coordinate and participate in the solution.
  3. Identify and respond to specific problems within the neighborhood including repeat call locations, ongoing neighborhood disturbances, and deteriorating conditions which contribute to the overall decline of the neighborhood.
  4. Identify and track gang members and their associates as well as aggressive enforcement of criminal offenses committed by gang members and their associates.
  5. The NPO will also use high visibility enforcement, abatement procedures, and seizure processes to disrupt the proceeds and lifestyle of their criminal enterprise.

In addition to these primary duties, the N.P.O. Unit promotes several community programs and services.  


For more information, call or email your Neighborhood Police Officer or you may call (972) 485-4881. Print map with names.  Print map with Officer Information

Districts Officer Phone E-mail
11 Capers     972-485-4883
12 Ashcroft 972-485-4898  
13         Williams 972-485-4896
14 Barnes 972-205-2042
21 Franey 972-485-4899
22 Clark     972-485-4857
23 Garcia 972-205-1633
24 Radney  972-485-4828 
25 Mallison 972-205-2032
31 Duncan 972-205-2980
32 Dockter 972-205-4043  
33 Galloway 972-485-4882
34 Perrone  972-485-4876 
35 Barineau 972-485-4859 
41 Wade 972-205-1659
42 Summers 972-485-4814
43 M. St.Clair 972-485-4821
44 H. Poteet 972-485-4897 
45 Ralston 972-485-4826
46 Sheriff  972-205-2073 
51 T. Hawkins 972-485-4823
52 Oliver   972-485-4815
53 Chittamai 972-485-4880
54  Maldonado 972-485-4835
55 Christian  972-485-4816  
56 W. Hawkins 972-485-4858

Community Relations Officer

Officer Phone E-mail
Mike Hatfield 972-485-4830

NPO Supervisors

Supervisor Phone E-mail
Lt. Ben St.Clair - 10 & 20 Sectors 972-205-1683
Lt. Christy Shoemaker - 30 Sector & Districts 41,42,43,44  972-205-1689 
Lt. John Spera - 50 Sector & Districts 45 & 46 972-205-1685