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Garland Police Officer

Those Who Shun Duty, Honor, And Sudden Adrenaline Rushes Need Not Apply!

Quality Law Enforcement is a factor, which helps determine the quality of life in any community. The Garland Police Department is a professional, dynamic department – a highly qualified organization equipped to meet the needs of its citizens. The Garland Police Department employs over 400 peace officers and civilian personnel. Among the largest departments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, GPD is a progressive agency that stays on the edge of innovation and technology. Opportunities abound for the individual seeking a diverse career in law enforcement.

A career with the Garland Police Department can be very demanding, but it will also be very rewarding. It is an exciting career and requires the ability and willingness to perform in accordance with the highest standards.

The Garland Police Department will offer you the opportunity to develop your full potential as a professional police officer. If you are qualified and have the courage, take the step to a rewarding and challenging career.

Civil Service Exam Information:

    Study Suggestions
    Civil Service Exam Preparation Course

If you have any further questions, call Officer R. Jones at the above toll free number, or e-mail GPDRecruiting@garlandtx.gov

For other employment opportunities at the Garland Police Department go to the City of Garland Employment webpage.

The City of Garland is an Equal Opportunity Employer