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Benefits & Compensation


The beginning salary for recruits is $54,668 with a salary increase to $55,948 after successful completion of the police academy.

Education Incentive Pay

  • Advanced Certification                                 $75.00 per month
  • Master Certification                                     $95.00 per month
  • Bachelor Degree                                         $125.00 per month
  • Masters or Doctoral Degree                         $150.00 per month

Additional Pay

  • Field Training Officer Pay                             $250.00 per month
  • Longevity Pay                                              $4.00 per month 
    For each year of service       
  • Bilingual/Sign Language Pay Up to                 $200 per month


  • Employee Health Coverage
  • Employee Dental Insurance
  • Texas Municipal Retirement System
    14% Contribution By City
  • 20-year Retirement available
  • Employee Life Insurance (City Paid)
  • College Tuition Refund
  • 15 days paid vacation
    Can carry over to 20 days per year
  • 10 paid Holidays per year
  • 15 days paid sick leave
  • Fixed shifts

Employees who are military reservists receive time off to attend drill weekends and two week annual military training.

The department furnishes uniforms, weapons, and all other equipment at no cost to the employee.

Uniform cleaning is paid for by the Department.

Spouse and family insurance coverage available at employee expense.