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Minimum Requirements

  • Age - At least 18 years of age but not over 35 years of age at the date of employment.
  • Education - High school graduate or possess a G.E.D. (A copy of the G.E.D. certificate must accompany the Application for Employment form)
  • Physical Agility Test - The physical agility test involves various types of tasks designed to demonstrate applicant's ability to perform essential job functions.
  • Past Background - A rigid background investigation, including driving record, will be conducted on all applicants. Information will be verified by Polygraph Examination(s).
  • Oral Interview - The Oral Interview involves a variety of questions related to determining potential performance as a Firefighter
  • Physical Examination - Must pass a physical examination, a comprehensive drug screening, and have no more than 20/100 uncorrected vision. .
  • Military Service - Persons who have served in the military, received an Honorable Discharge, and pass the Examination will have five (5) points added to their total test score IF: 1) a legible DD214 is submitted and 2) the DD214 clearly indicates an Honorable Discharge received following at least 180 days of active service. Only DD214's which satisfy BOTH requirements will qualify for the additional five (5) points. Failure to submit a copy of a DD214 form will eliminate this credit.
  • Work Schedule - Ability and willingness to work shift work (24 hours on duty, followed by 48 hours off-duty).

You must have a photo identification with you at the test site. If your drivers license does not have a photo, you must provide some other form of official photo identification (i.e.; a passport) that does contain your photograph. If you cannot be positively identified, you will not be allowed to take the examination. Plan to be at the test location for at least five (5) hours.