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Do I have to be a U.S. citizen?


Can I pick up an application now?

No, applications are only available online during the application period.

Where can I pick up an application?

Applications are accepted online only.

Do EMT/Paramedics get preference in the hiring process?

No, your score on the Civil Service test determines your ranking.

Can I transfer my State Fire Certification from another state to Texas?

Yes. You can become certified through the Texas Commision on Fire Protection, but you will still have to go through the Garland Fire Department Academy.

Will I get paid more if I have a degree?

Not initially. Garland does not require college hours to be employed. However, after you reach higher certifications with the State of Texas and have completed certain years of service, you can receive additional pay based on college hours and/or a degree.

If I am already a certified firefighter will I have to go through firefighting training?

Yes, all recruits are required to complete the Garland Fire Academy.

Do I have to be a certified Paramedic or Firefighter?

You must have a high school diploma or GED. You will be required to attend paramedic school and the fire academy. You must become certified to as a condition of employment.

Do you take applications throughout the year?

No. Applications are only accepted when a test date is established. If you wish to be notified , please complete an online profile.

Is there one Civil Service Test for all the cities in the metroplex?

No. Each city administers its own test.

Where can I get obtain study material for the Civil Service Test?

Study material is available at bookstores and public libraries. Ask for the study guides for firefighter tests.

Can I volunteer as a firefighter in the City of Garland?

No. Garland does not utilize volunteer firefighters. We have a fully paid fire department staff.