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Emergency Medical Services

The Emergency Medical Services Division is comprised of an EMS Program Manager (Paramedic), an EMS Battalion Chief/Paramedic, three EMS Captain/Paramedic shift supervisors, and an EMS Lieutenant/Paramedic.

The EMS Division is responsible for the coordination and operational readiness of the department’s EMS system. The EMS system is designed to meet the out-of-hospital emergency medical care needs of the citizens and visitors of the city of Garland in a timely and efficient manner, so as to most appropriately safeguard against the loss of life, disability, and undue pain and suffering. Our system operates by sending Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances to all incidents that require patient treatment. This encompasses all medical calls (sick calls, heart attacks, strokes, stabbings, gunshot wounds), motor vehicular collisions (MVC); and one ambulance is assigned to go to all structure fires for manpower and/or any medical needs that may arise.

Activities performed by this division include implementing and monitoring prehospital care, continuous quality improvement programs, maintaining emergency medical technician (EMT) and paramedic state licensing records, as well as updating and clarifying EMS policies and procedures. The EMS Division coordinates annual and semiannual state-mandated training (continuing education/CE) and provides recommendations and technical support for departmental EMS-related training.

The EMS Division works with Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) to initially train our paramedics. A paramedic Candidate is in school for approximately six months for training (classroom, hospital rotations and ambulance rotations).  

The Medical Control for the GFD is "Biotel" (bio-telemetry). It is located in the Emergency Department at Parkland Memorial Hospital. It is staffed with nurses (RN), paramedics, and medical doctors around the clock to meet the needs of not only GFD but also Dallas Fire Department and many other suburbs.

All fire suppression personnel are EMT trained and approximately 200 fire suppression personnel are Paramedic trained.

All Garland Fire Department ambulances are ALS equipped and all Truck and Engine Companies have Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).

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