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Purchasing Information Guide for Suppliers

The City of Garland would like to assist you, a current or perspective supplier in becoming acquainted with our Purchasing organization. This guide is designed to provide information about the City’s purchasing function, how it works and how you can do business with the City of Garland.

Business Hours

Regular business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

When possible, our buyers practice an open door policy for sales personnel with the exception of Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It is recommended that you make an appointment to assure availability.

City of Garland Information

As the tenth largest City in Texas, Garland owns and operates its own electric power production and distribution system. We also control and run our own water service, wastewater treatment plants, refuse collection and a myriad of municipal services required by a growing population of more than 222,000 citizens. As a result, an annual budget of more than $300 million provides for an extremely diversified group of materials, equipment supplies and services.

It is the Purchasing Department’s responsibility to procure these materials, equipment, supplies and services through the competitive bid process from the lowest responsible bidder or bidder offering best value in accordance with all applicable City policies and state and federal laws.

Bid Notification & Documents

Sealed bids are advertised in the Daily Commercial Record and posted to our online bidding system:

Already registered? Click here to log in: https://garlandtx.ionwave.net/ 

Suppliers may register at https://garlandtx.ionwave.net/VendorRegistration.aspx at NO COST to the supplier.

To view current bids without logging in, click here: https://garlandtx.ionwave.net/currentsourcingevents.aspx 
To view closed bids without logging in, click here: https://garlandtx.ionwave.net/closedsourcingevents.aspx            

To view awarded bids without logging in, click here: https://garlandtx.ionwave.net/awardedsourcingevents.aspx 

Procurement Inclusion Program (PIP)

The goal of the City of Garland Procurement Inclusion Program is to include Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) suppliers in every segment of the City procurement process by affording them an opportunity, on a competitive basis, to be considered for and awarded City business.

HUB Flyer

All HUBS must be certified by the State of Texas or your resident State. Visit the State of Texas Hub Registration page.

For more information you can download the City's HUB Flyer.

How to Remain Active

In order to receive invitations to bid, make sure your company remains active. The Purchasing Department keeps your company in its active file if you:

  • Return bids complete, accurate and on time.
  • Bid competitively.
  • Deliver items per specifications, within time quoted, with correct invoicing and paperwork follow-through
  • Keep Purchasing advised of any problems that arise in honoring our Purchase Order and answer our inquiries promptly and honestly.
  • Keep the Internet bid service provider advised of any change in contact information, company name, address change or commodities sold.
  • Keep the City of Garland Finance Department advised of any changes in your “remit to” address.

How to Be Disqualified From Active Status

Your company may be disqualified if

  • The above requirements are not followed.
  • Your company requests removal.
  • Failure to meet contractual obligations in any way.
  • Consistent non-competitive bids.
  • Falsifying bid response documentation or any other City documentation.

Can A Company Be Reinstated to Active Status

Once a company has been disqualified, it is extremely difficult to be reinstated. Failure to cooperate with the Purchasing Department requirements places prohibitive burdens on our purchasing system. However, it is possible to be reinstated. For further information, contact the Purchasing Manager.

Bid Procedures


Where the City of Garland sealed bid advertisements may be found

  • IonWave
  • Daily Commercial Record
  • The Purchasing Department

Sealed Bid

A sealed bid is defined as purchases more than $50,000 and require that bids indicate a specific date and time of closing. These bids must be submitted on or attached to the City’s Request for Bid document. The bid must be signed by an individual authorized to sign bids on behalf of the quoting company and must be received in the Purchasing Department no later than the specified time and date. Bids arriving after the specified time and date will not be accepted.

The City uses an Internet bid service to receive electronic sealed bids and hold reverse auctions.As a State of Texas municipality, all City purchases must be in accordance with all applicable state laws, rules, and regulations. All purchases are made through the competitive bid process and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder or to the bidder who provides goods or services at the best value to the City. Falsifying of a bid document results in that bid being rejected and the supplier being removed as an acceptable vendor.

Bid Opening

Sealed paper bids must be date stamped in the Purchasing office on or before the date and time indicated for bid closing. Postmarks or other evidence are not sufficient. If you are not sure that your bid will make it to the Purchasing office on time, bring it directly to the Purchasing staff assistant. Sealed bids received after the closing date and time will not be accepted. When addressing the sealed envelope, be sure to put the bid number and closing date on the front.

Send the completed bid to:
City of Garland
Purchasing Department
200 N. Fifth St.
P. O. Box 469002
Garland, Texas 75046-9002
Bid Number
Due Date

Electronic bid responses will be time and date stamped by the system. When available, electronic responses are preferred.

General conditions for bidding and any special provisions are included with the Request for Bid document. Please read these carefully. The prospective supplier on the bid document must define any exceptions to the terms and conditions. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the City terms and conditions will take precedence over all others.

Sealed bids are scheduled to open Tuesday and Thursday of each week at 3 p.m. in the City Purchasing office, unless otherwise specified. Sealed bid openings are public. Interested parties who are present at the bid opening may request that the bids be read aloud. Bids are recapped as soon as possible and posted on-line via the Internet provider.

Informal Bid

An informal bid is defined as purchases less than $50,000. These purchases do not require the sealed bid process. The Purchasing Department staff may request price quotes by telephone, fax, email, in a written form or on-line. These types of price requests will also have specified bid openings and must always be received by the date requested by the buyer. These purchases are subject to the same terms and conditions as those used in the sealed bid process.

Departmental Purchases

All City Departments may purchase certain supplies, materials or services up to a maximum of $2,999.99. These purchases are also subject to the same terms and conditions as those used in the sealed bid process. City of Garland purchasing cards (p-cards) are used for the majority of this type purchase.

Bid Award

All bids are reviewed, evaluated and awarded as soon as possible. Once a purchase order is awarded, products and services must be in strict accordance with the purchase order. Under no circumstances will alternate or substitute products or services be accepted without prior approval from the Purchasing and the user Department. Delivering alternates or substitutions without approval, changing pricing and/or delivery dates will result in disqualification.

Alternate Bid Products

Unless otherwise indicated, bids on alternate products will be considered, provided such products meet or exceed the requested specifications. Bids on alternative products must be identified as such and should include illustrations, specifications, descriptive and technical literature. Exceptions to the specifications must be stated on the bid document. If no exceptions are taken, the bidder will be required to furnish products exactly as specified. Failing to do so will subject vendor to disqualification.

Purchase Order

An official, numbered purchase order is the primary method for purchasing goods, services or equipment obligating the City of Garland for payment. Transactions may not be valid and binding unless it has an official purchase order number. Exceptions include use of the City of Garland P-Card and certain professional services.

Many orders are placed by telephone. The buyer placing the order will provide a purchase order number or P-Card number. Only at your request, will a confirming copy of the purchase order be mailed or faxed.


All shipments must be externally identified with a packing list indicating contents and referencing the City purchase order number and department name. Priority or perishable products must be prominently identified on the shipping carton(s). Deliveries must be made “F.O.B. Destination” with the supplier assuming all charges, unless other arrangements are specified in writing at the time the order is placed. Under no circumstances will the City accept collect shipments.

Insurance & Indemnification

Contractors performing work on City property or public right-of-way for the City of Garland shall provide the City a certificate of insurance or insurance policy(s) evidencing the coverages and coverage provisions identified by the City.
Contractors shall provide the City evidence that all subcontractors performing work on the project have the same types and amounts of coverages as required or that the subcontractors are included under the contractor’s policy.

All insurance companies and coverages must be authorized by the Texas Department of Insurance to transact business in the State of Texas and must be acceptable to the City of Garland Risk Management office.

Insurance requirements and the Indemnification Agreement are included in the applicable bid documents. Both forms can be provided upon request or downloaded from the Garland Purchasing website.


To insure prompt payment invoices must reference the City’s purchase order number and be priced in accordance with the purchase order. All invoices are matched against the purchase order and the receiving report to initiate payment. Care in preparing and submitting invoices will help eliminate problems in processing payments on a timely basis. The City attempts to discount and pay all invoices in accordance with quoted terms. Checks are mailed once a week. Questions regarding billings or payments should be directed to the "BILL TO: contact listed on the purchase order. Be sure Accounts Payable has any “remit to” change of address.

Tax Exemptions

The City of Garland is exempt from Federal Excise, State Sales and Transportation taxes. TAX MUST NOT BE INCLUDED IN BIDS OR INVOICES. Tax exemption certificates will be furnished upon request.